What is a CMR?
A CMR is a Certified Marketing Representative. CMR’s must be licensed and certified by YPIMA (Yellow Page Integrated Media Association), the regulating body of the industry, to place National and Regional Yellow Page programs directly with the Publishers.

What criteria is used for a business to qualify for National Placement?
To be a National client the publishers require you to advertise in 3 or more states, 2 different publishers, and 20 directories. 30% of the advertising revenue must be outside the highest revenue state.

What if I don’t meet National Criteria?
Most publishers will consider accepting companies that place their advertising Regionally, but do not meet the traditional definition of a National advertiser. Many publishers also accept emerging types of accounts. Directional Media Services has been very successful in qualifying most advertisers wishing Regional or Emerging Placement. Call us to see if we can qualify your business.

How much do I need to spend in Advertising to qualify?
There is no minimum or maximum spending requirement.

Who provides the Artwork?
We will provide all artwork to meet publisher specs, or if you prefer we will give you or your agency the correct specs to prepare the artwork.

Can my general advertising agency provide my artwork and work with a CMR?
Absolutely, we work with both in-house agencies and outside creative agencies.

I have a client that could use your services. Can I place the advertising for my client?
Yes you can. We work with Independent Contractors all the time.

Are there any problems in transferring my account to Directional Media Services?
We will handle all of the transfer details and paperwork. Closing and publication dates will be monitored closely so all directories publish correctly. There is no reason to be concerned about the transfer.

Why should we place our trust in Directional Media Services?
We have over 55 years of Yellow Page Industry experience. We are experts in the strategic planning of successful yellow page programs. We know the publishers and understand their operations. This experience helps us to obtain Marketing Partnerships and secure unpublished incentives for our clients. This means substantial savings for your business and the confidence that your program fits your business objectives.

Directional Media Services is completely client focused and values the individual goals of our customers. Our recommendations are always unbiased and with no hidden agenda. We recommend only what is best for our clients. We accept only one client per industry classification, thereby avoiding any possible conflict of interest.

How can I contact Directional Media Services?

  1. Call us toll free at (888) 929-0778
  2. Click the button and fill out the Program Analysis form
  3. Email us at